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“Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.” 

- John D. Rockefellar.

Communication today is instant and ubiquitous.


The need to project an agreeable and engaging social image is of utmost importance.


Serving the best clients with the best strategies since April 2002, Mirabilis Inc. has been a force to reckon with in the sphere of boutique media relations. We privilege quality over quantity and focus our dynamic energy in the service of a small but worthy pool of clients in handpicked areas of expertise. From catering to your diverse and dynamic media relations needs, to crafting and polishing a holistic brand strategy, we make sure to deliver the most valuable returns on all your PR investments.

Though our headquarters are in the city of Mumbai, India, we have a well-established network across India as well as in key international markets, to ensure that the growing needs of your brand are not merely met but exceeded beyond your expectations.





Our team may be small but we pack the strength of an army! Our close-knit and committed troop led by our founder Ms. Wallia, is committed to your brand and your needs.

Riddhi Wallia is a dyed-in-the-wool media relations professional, who established Mirabilis Inc. close to two decades ago. A perpetual student of life, Riddhi believes in making the time to do the things that enrich her soul, such as learning new things, from scuba diving to contemporary dancing;spending time with her friends and family; playing beach volleyball with her all-female Mirabilis team and listening to (and singing along with) her favourite music. As a professional and an individual, Riddhi believes

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.” 

- Daniel J. Boorstin.

in the power of simple living, high thinking.


Mirabilis Inc. is a product of Riddhi’s thorough knowledge and relentless passion for media relations – a labour of love and hard work that was began its journey a decade ago. Today, Mirabilis Inc. represents exclusive brands across hospitality, lifestyle, luxury and beauty sectors, both in India and internationally.

Riddhi has infused her work philosophy into Mirabilis and her team – which is to take a long-term approach to strategy and deliver seamless execution. We do this by working as an extension of the client’s brand team and internalizing the brand philosophy until we know it like the back of our hands. Riddhi brings a fine knowledge of brand positioning in the luxury and lifestyle sector, and consciously runs Mirabilis Inc. as a boutique service as she believes that media relations is a very personal space.

Our valuable clients value us for our thorough knowledge, incredible networking, brilliant creativity, endless enthusiasm and our amazing ability to work not just like an in-house team, but better than one.

In the past, we have been of service to Women in Film and Television (WIFT) as directors of their public relations wing.




“Good marketing makes the company look  smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”                                                                 

- Joe Chernov.

We at Mirabilis Inc. focus our energies and expertise on a select set of verticals, centring on entertainment, lifestyle, hospitality and luxury. Some of the sectors we are competent at serving include: 

Fashion and Lifestyle
Media and 
and Celebrity Retail.
Medical Services.
Real Estate
(Coming Soon)

Our Services.

We offer a gamut of ever-evolving services to deliver your message to the right people, through the right medium, in the right manner. We not only help your brand tell a story, we make your audience a part of that story – of your story.

Here is some of the PR wizardry that we can use to make your brand more magical:

Press Announcements.
Press Conferences.
Editorial Calendar
Special Event
Food and Profile
Press Kit
Product Launches.
Product Review
Crisis Management.
Press Clippings.
Strategic Media
PR Measurement
and Tracking.
Social Media.
Digital Media Relations Strategy.
Online reputation management/
community platforms.

What to expect

When you accept MI.

Our result driven approach is simple, consistent and focused.

Here are some of our core ways of working:

We focus on select clients in key sectors.

We invest in people and build networks across core industries and wide geographies.

We build and develop deep knowledge and skills in concentrated industries.

We work seamlessly with brands to internalise and add value to the overall brand strategy.

We build systems and processes to streamline service delivery to our clients.

We believe in delivering deep insights, decisive performance and strategic results.


Our Brands.



Book Launch -

A vegetarian in Paris

by Rashmi Uday Singh.

Hello! Winner’s Cup 2016.


Contact Us.

Office no 1, 1st floor, Sadguru,
Plot no.794, 3rd road, 
Khar (west)
Mumbai 400 052

Phone:+91 26000604 / 05

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